Why pp 211 212 in berlin and kays theory a four colour

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Unformatted text preview: ow.] Te Download er ID: 14396 Te st ID : 20 Downloader ID: 14396 87 Do wn lo ad er : ID 14 6 39 Test ID: 2087 a. It would have undermined one of his hypotheses: that if a language had four colours, it would have a term for either yellow or grue, but not both. b. It would have falsified his hypothesis that the lexical recognition of brown always precedes orange, which is—after all, just a mix of yellow and red. c. It would have undermined one of his hypotheses: that if a language had four colours, three of them would necessarily have to be black, white, and red. d. Both (a) and (b) e. Both (a) and (c) f. None of the above. Te st Test ID: 2087 20 87 6 39 14 : Do wn lo ad e r ID Te st ID : 20 87 ID : Consider the following dialogue, and then indicate whether questions 21 through 25 are true or false by clearly circling your answer. In the below questions, the word “line” does not mean “sentence”—it refers to any given portion of the conversation where one person has the floor and the other person is listening. Downloader ID: 14396 nlo 87 Dow ade r ID: 20 96 143 You’ll never guess what happened to me today. I was visiting my aunt in the hospital, and this male nurse comes up to me, and he’s, like, carrying all these boxes, and then he says— Just a second. If the nurse had been a woman, would you have said, “This female nurse comes up to me?” No, of course not. Look, can I finish? This male nurse—sorry, this nurse comes up to me carrying all these boxes, and he says, “Excuse me, could you please move aside.” Can you believe that? Well, yes. Were you blocking him? You know what? You’re no fun to talk to. Have you started writing your essay yet? Eh, sort of. I have some ideas outlined, but I don’t have a main argument yet. Ha! Guess what? I’m already finished. I told you I’d finish ahead of you! Wasn’t I right? You’re always right, Henry. You’re always right. ID : Henry: : 87 20 ID st ad e Te 6 er ID: 14 14396 ID : Abdallah: Henry: Abdallah: Henry: Abdallah: ID: r...
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