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Unformatted text preview: the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Test ID: 2087 Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Downlo ader ID: 14396 1 : ID Te st 87 20 : ID st Te Downloader ID: 14396 ANT 253 H1F Language and Society Test 2 (1 December 2009) — VERSION A German schoolteacher Georg Wenker in 1876. [This atlas was actually entitled Sprachatlas des Deutschen Reichs, p. 177] Test ID: 2087 12. T F In response to criticism, Paul says, “Look, you don’t understand—put yourself in my shoes for a second. Do you think you could have made a better decision?” This is an example of situational focusing. [pp. 141-142] Gavin is taking a course on the microbiology of plants. One of his assignments is to write a formal lab report on an experiment that he conducted with some classmates. He begins his written report with the following paragraph. Carefully consider this paragraph and then answer questions 13 to 16 based on its content: Te st 20 87 We tried to calibrate the electrode unit in order to measure the rate of photosynthetic oxygen production in our microphyte sample, but it didn’t work, and I became enraged. After finally—finally!— calibrating the electrode, we sat around for 20 minutes waiting for the results. I was bored out of my frickin’ mind. Don’t tell him I said anything, but Matt O’Brien almost sabotaged the whole project when he nearly sneezed on the sample. Good thing I pushed him away—he went flying and ended up crushing my lunchbox instead. Whatever. All I had in there was some leftover dim sum. 87 : 20 ID Te Te st ID : 20 st 87 6 39 : 14 ID 13. er ad The above paragraph does NOT contain an example of which of the following? lo wn Do loanword cataphoric device toponym [p. 130] jargon The above paragraph contains examples of all of the above. oader ID: 14396 st Te 39 6 Downl : ID st ID : 20 87 ID r ad e : ID wn lo 6 39 14 Gavin’s writing style violates a key convention of formal scientific writing. Which of the below statements most accurately characterizes this convention, as described in the course text? Do 14. Te : 87 20 er ad lo...
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