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Unformatted text preview: 51 13 : ID st Test ID: 1351 Te 51 13 : ID st Te Downl oader ID: 14396 Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 A NT 253 HI F Test I (26 May ?009) FAMTLY NAME 1 135 t ID: Tes E-'MAIL ADDRESS Downloa der ID: 14396 1 135 t ID: Tes Downloader ID: 14396 96 143 r ID: dre Tlwfollov,ing questiarrs based atxtlle ntateria,l aoveredin chapters l, 2, and 4 af the c{Jarsetextbook.Please clersrly in indicateyctur at"$r1)er inh. If you usepenctl, yau will not he permitted to contest your ntark. even if an arithwetic errar :pasm&dein its calculation, ade nlo Ferdinandde Saussue proposedthat tire goa'lof linguistics be to undemtandthe natureof the systematicrules that membersof a speecircommunify recognize as their language{.langue).ral}:er than on their abiliq, to use thoserules in conversations and writing (parole). .',.' Te st ID : 13 51 de nt bu dd 14 3 : ' 1r( -, st ID : 6 39 96 r ID: ade Dow nlo 14 : ID er ad lo wn Do wn lo f' { 143 13 51 ad -. 6 39 : lo Do Te Do , '/ '"5. 1 t ID: havetremendous wordsfluently,but the,v difficulty aphasia articulate car of Sufferers Wernicke's appropriate wordswith w'hichto communicate dcsires their the compr:elrending meanings words andchoosing 0f andirrlenlions. er , ..'4. 135 Tes grammar,they dreu,heavily from the u,ork of the notion ola "universal'o Wlen 1hePorl-RoyalCircle advanced in the lrrdiangrammarianParriniwithout citing him. which led to their eventualir:carceration the Bastille. ID f 96 f t,..'3. ID: 1351 om Test y. c ^.,"{. { ID : in Vc'wels r,oiced somelanguages. voiceless others. but are in '.1 51 ad er ID : 14 39 : .s tu 13 6 Te st 6 39 Dow ade r ID: 51 14 nlo 13 143 96 ID 51 : on 1351 : 13 "t ID: ID : ID r bemisphere thebrainduringinfancy called is of in of lateralization. Thedevelopn:rentlanguage the Ie11 de nl oa fiIi 'I'his the violation Thesenlence a that of English. "Herei,s"iegg' contalns hiatus vioiates conventions standard {x1q}f'{, ta- 1, ,,.;1 r-i ,. ,:! in irr ,, and tlt" illustrates jpg*lgnden?e_of phonology molphologv language. Downloader ID: 14396 14396 Downloader ID: Do w ..10. I lo st st Te -'r* . 9.*i wn Te Test 1''"'8. I Do acquisition illustrated thetendency is by to in of-some toddlers call Theprocess overgeneraliealionlanguage of allr liquids"water,"or ail fruits"app.les." to -P "' 1. I ut or Test ID: 1351 , ""o"'6. { -_ Basic to Ferdinand de $aussure'splan for the study af langue was the nation of difJdrr:nce(difference, opposition). which is the view that the struoturesof a larrguagedo not tatrieon m"anir'tgand function in isnlation. . but in relatiorr1o each other. This an*roach has cone lo be known as structurs.l.ism. ID st Test ID: 1351 eactr contain one root morphemeand ons grarnrnaticalrnorpheme.Both root The Engiish words'jtidigti and 7u)7s' are are inorplremes fi'eefcrrms,and the grammaticalmorphemes allomorphsof the samemorpheme.. ,ii ..,;, , 13 ...f,:'-f_ r."--""''- 51 Dow two distinct meanings. canmean, It has the calleda Thesentence the "There's chicken" at least "There's anintal qf'a the exhihitstlw metaphoric atfi"ibates and chicken," it canalsomean,'uThere's personv'homI helieve (trr"6t.*,{x}., of This is an example a distinctionbetween {ilr..str chicken." Hgt*{Lq a::dfigurativemeaning. withoutspeech. wilhout language, canhavelanguage on6 While onecannothavespeech f$ i.","t2.*[ 96 havean innatefacility ivith transformaticnal that rulesof has NoanrChomsky hypothesized all humanbeings of from its surfaresh'ucture. permitus to abstact thr deepstrucfure a sentence grammitr, ra'hich r ID: ade 143 nlo Dow Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 Test ID: 1351 ,-"i; f (e.g. betr,veen human are nacial classifications rootedin fixed biologicaldif:ferences geneticdistinctions) populations. breeding 'fhe and means "forest." formslra+' the In an imaginary language, fcrnnlrajinl means "1r€e" the farm h.,arajinlar"/ Giventhis infonnation, canbe dedueed syllables. it are from oneanolher, meaningless andl-jinl, whenseparated Oxdia @ thatthe circumfix!va- -larlis derivational Downloader ID: 14396 i 14. i Dow nlo ade r ID: 143 96 This item is shared by the uploader to help you ,'in your t1..r J,li'rji' studies. x".j) " It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) {. ft of the content. r.. .l Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. r wn ad er ID 14 51 13 : ID st Te 1351 51 : 13 ID st Te st ID : 13 51 Te 135 ade * t ID: nlo Tes + Dow . Eric Lennebergsuggests thereis a critical period for languageacquisition.tvto*pecifically, he that hypothesized that a person'sability to learn a language fluently comesto an end at the end of childhood,roughly aroundouberfv. Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 st ID : 13 51 The Spanishwordsavfa ("he/sheprepares")andlmbfa ('there was") are both pronounced[a'bijo]. It can be deducedfrom this informationthat the word avfa beginswith an open back vowel, while the word hab{a begins Cau'i ,(. dicli,'qr-r;",ieJ 6** withaglottalfricativeconsonant. 6. Cx6lrrrq,:-r;"'ieJ {"** \.f6nqno.jatrlpr-.r \.fclnqne;atrlpr.t ///Nrthaglottaltricativeconsonant. Te t -.t{] 1 r ID: 143 96 ls.f,NoanChomsky's first nameis commonly pronounced [noum]. The English word lcnownispronounced[nom]. Native speakers English intuitively recognize,however,thatNoam andlcrunryn two different words with of are | -/ \'/ ooThe different meanings, and they cannotbe usedinterchangeably (e.g.the sentences answeris known" and"The answer is Noani'mean very different things, eventhoughthey differ from eachother phoneticallyby only one . consonant). The reasonthat English speakers cannotusethesetwo words interchangeably that the phones[m] is and [n] are,in fact, two distinct phonemes English. in - Downloader ID: 14396 om Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 ID Te : 13 st 51 13 : ID st Te de nt bu dd ID : t ID: Tes ad er The IPA transcriptionfor the monosyllabicEnglish word thing is [0r4]. 1 135 Aphasiasare language impairmentscausedby darnage specific areasof the brain. to : The modern-dayconceptof UniversalGramrnar(UG) was innovatedby Noam Chomskyin the 1950s. ID 6 \ Te st ( 23.1 .s tu z Y 13 51 In an irnaginarylanguage, form ljinal means the "drop of water," the form lejinadel means"rain," andthe form ljinaklmeans "wet." The forms lji-l andl-nal,when separated from one another,are meaningless syllables.It can be infered from this informationthat this is an agglutinatinglanguage which the form ljinal is a lexeme.. in 39 14 on ID : 13 51 : : ID ID er ad lo wn 14 r 6 39 de ,A ,-4 Te st Do >&' to In contemporary Canad4 residents Vancouvertend to velarizethe secondconsonant the word Vancouver of in (i.e. [ve4'kuver]), while Torontonians tendto prgnounce alveolarly(i.e. [ven'kuver]). This is an example it of lqnguage. q1ia1ion. {, *"q*,y\ftk t't1$ # lyjchro.$c ut or nl oa Somesynonymsfor the English word up include words like elevated,increased,andrisen, while someantonyms include down,decreased, andfallen. All of thesewords,however,can be lexigraphicallyclassifiedtogether because they sharethe semanticfeature[+height]. Do w 51 13 ,/n- 51 wn lo : ID Downloader ID: 14396 , (-/ 40._l_ ,/ 4,21._L \-/,/ h,Z.lL/ 6 39 : ID er lo Do Vincent greetshis bosswith the utterance"Good morning,nta'arn," but he greetshis friendswith the utterance "Yo yo yo." When he greetshis mother,he says"1f." This is an exampleof complementary distribution. 96 .4 Do st , L-/ ly'I- ,/ Somespeakers Spanish pronouncethe wordyemo ("son-in-law") with an initial , otherswith an initial [a], of but both pronunciations acceptable intelligible to Spanishspeakers. are and This is an exampleof free variation. y. c 51 ID : 13 48.-L 14 3 ./ ./ -r Te st Downloader ID: 14396 ID: Test ANT 253HlF TestI (26May 2009) The IntemationalPhoneticAlphabet (IPA) is standardized suchthat one symbol is invariably understood to represent one and only one sound.For example,the first soundinpTilosoplry, and the last soundin enough are both represented with the symbol [f]. Down load er ID: ,/_ 1439 6 s] is a voicelesssibilant consonant. Downl oader ID: 14396 Dow nlo ade r ID: 143 96 tree is includedin the meaningof the wordplant. Both of theseexamplesare instances hyponymy. of Oxdia @ Test ID: 1351 This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. 6 39 : ID er ad lo wn Do 14 wn ad 14 ad e lo Te st ID : 13 51 Do wn Te st ID : 13 51 ANT 253HIF TestI (26May 2009) 51 13 14 39 6 : ID st Do wn lo ad er ID : Te Considerthe following dialogue,and then answerquestions to 35 basedon its contentby clearly indicating 30 whether the statementsare true or false: / Te st ID : 13 51 : ID 6 39 14 er ad lo wn Do : ID 6 er 39 ad 14 lo wn Do : ID er ad lo wn Do Telemaclms: Odysseus: Telemachus: Odysseus: Downl oader Telcmachus: Odysseas: Telemachus: Odysseus: 1351 Test ID: Hey, dad Hi, how's school going? It's goin' okay. I think I'm gonna maior in linguistk aldhrofil, My prof gave this amazing lectare on conceptual metaphor today: That's a pretty hotJield, I hear. Is she the woman professor thal I met earlier this year at the IIart House barbeque? Yeah,I think so. She's a charismatic one, all rigltL For sare. All right, gotta go study now. Okay. Say hi to your roommntefor me. Test ID: ID: 14396 Tes t ID: 135 1 1351 ID: 1351 Do wn lo ad er : ID 14 39 ./ ./ 6 Dow nlo ade r ID: : 143 ID 96 Do er ad lo wn ID 32.!_ Both Telemachus Odysseus usinga highlyformalregister English. and are of : 14 -4- -/ Z+. I Telemachus'tendencyto useblendedforms like " gonna" arrd,gotta" exemplifiesa kind of language " economy. 1 t ID: Tes 13 e 6 6 39 14 t ID: Tes 39 : ID : on to ('qura*\11 1 135 14 er ad lo wn Do ID: 1351 : ID hrul dq.- ( Do w nl oa de ut or r ID: 14396 Test TOTAL: Tes t ID: 1 135 Tes t ID: 135 1 Te st ID : 96 13 51 143 r ID: ade nlo Dow Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 Oxdia @ 135 1 t ID: This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. Tes It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Test ID: 1351 er ID: 14396 Download Odysseus' characteization linguisticanthropolory u"rfr:' field is anexample of as of eqglqllog -Oecsira/ U{S.E- ID oader 51 135 .s tu Downl -t' Te st 6.2 reference his son'sprofessor to professor" a case gendei as"the woman is of m3lFj]lg: Do Uu.Aodysseus' + wn lo ad er 6 39 '- y. c Test st Odysseus'observation aboutthe professor'scharismais unintelligible. His use of the pronoun"she" is nonsystemic,as language forms are dependent sentences on ratherthan texts.Hence,Telemachus cannotbe expected to understand who is being referenced. i- de nt bu dd -/n / 41. l.a om one, ofreqg1W.J-odysseus' firstlineis anappropriate in terms 96 ID : " 14 3 13 51 -t' 6 39 14 ...
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