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Unformatted text preview: T 85 ID : 40 st Te 14396 Downloader ID: 85 ID Te : 40 st 5 408 t ID: Tes A NT 253 H IF Language and Society Test 2 (15 June 2010) I I STUDENT ID# : GIVEN NAME E-MAIL ADDRESS : 40 85 _ Tes t ID: st 408 ID 5 1-­ ...... Te I FAMILY NAME ~k~~\,CDV\A. ad lo wn Do er : ID 6 39 Downloader ID: 14396 14 ".3 TOTAL: 125 l (Jd") 40 85 : A ll o f the following truelfalse questions are based on the material covered in chapters 5, 8, a nd 11 o f the course textbook Please clearly circle y our answer in i nk I fyou use pencil, y ou w ill not be permitted to contest your mark, even i f an arithmetic error was made in its calculation. Good luck! 39 6 A key convention o f f onnal scientific writing is that passive sentences should be deployed to downplay the role o f the subject-actor and highlight the role o f the object­ goal. 14 v : ~T // F In William L abov's l andmark research o n t he relationship between the pronunciation o f Irl a nd upward social mobility in N ew York, it was found that rates o f p ronunciation o f Irl w ere lowest in upscale department stores and highest in low-income neighbourhoods. ID Te ID : 40 85 ad er st F Do ID st Test st ID Te : 40 85 er ad : ID 6 39 14 85 In a n imaginary language, the word for the English verb " to s leep" is Iruarmal a mong men, but Iruernal a mong women. This is an example o f a gender-coded doublet. 6 39 : 14 ID 40 @ 85 : Te ID: 4085 The e xtinct Cayuse language is a lingua franca o f contemporary North America. lo 1 V/ 4. wn G wn T 143 r ID: ade nlo Dow Do 3. 96 lo Te st ID : o er ad lo wn Simon has just been elected C hainnan o f the Department o f Linguistics at a particular university. His first executive act is to eliminate the gendered tenninology o f his position, and to title himself the "Chair" rather the " Chainnan" i n order to discourage the acceptability o f vocabulary that treats maleness as the default gender for positions o f authority. This is an example o f linguistic activism. st F 14396 ader ID: oa de r ID : 14 39 Downlo 6 Te C---D - 5. ID : Do Tes t ID: 408 5 V ./ The n ames " John d e Lancie," "Miles O 'Brien," a nd "Gates McFadden" all contain h~'" an~~xamples o ftoponyms. / T 7. . \..../'8. ~ ~ etaphors M oJ 9. L -/ ~~~~~ based o n w ords for sensation and perception are called tc:ctile metaphors. r F\ The Volapuk language was devised i n 1579 by the G ennan priest Johann Martin ~.~ Schleyer. (06'1­ T . ht (1I\swt?r ' rr~v~ "x f wn l & ~.F) 6. Do <" ~ Tes t ID: 408 5 ' rF\ ~)\J In Western onomastics, given names commonly have Teutonic, Latin, Hebrew, or Greek _ o ngms. (V 10. ~ F A s target domains become associated with an increasing number o f s ource domains, the concepts they capture become more complex. George L akoff and Mark Johnson call the networks Oxdia @ o f conceptual relationships produced by these associations "idealized This item is shared conceptual models" help you in your studies. by the uploader to (lCMs). load Down er ID: 1439 6 Downloader ID: 14396 Downl oader ID: 14396 It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. 40 96 143 r ID: ade nlo Dow 143 96 r ID: Downloader ID: 14396 nlo wnlo ader ID: 1439 ade Dow 6 Downl oader ID: 14396 st Te : ID 85 40 A NT 253 H1F L anguage a nd Society i ..­ TC&Jst2June 2010) pktll 11. T F T~e following passage contains a root metaphor: Marieve Jeafid through the textbook, _-,trjiaspe~at""iJ>by the amount o f material she h ad to learn before the exam. It was difficult riitItfiI't1Ffor her to ~ concepts unless she h ad a study partner. , t;"\ (..../'V 12. 13. , T L,// ~I¥)o.e,- F ID In the sentence "The lyrics to that song are truly bittersweet," the metaphoric topic is the flavour o f bittersweetness, and the metaphoric vehicle is the song itself. : ID 14 39 6 CW 6 Slang expressions are sociolectal features associated mostly with educated and tlpper­ class social groups. ,@ ' 39 Two linguistic codes are usually categorized as dialects, rather than separate la,nguages, i f they are mutually intelligible. F Expressions like ' isn't she?' 'you know' and 'right?' (often found at the end o f sentences) are known as tags. F One reason why English has many Latin based words is because o f the legacy o f the Norman conquest. F The following sentence contains an example o f synecdoche: The pirate calledfor all hands on deck. er F nlo ade 143 96 40 85 r ID: lo 39 : 6 14 ID er ad wn ID : Do ID : 14 3 96 st ~(~ t9-/@ Dow Te 1~ Do wn lo ad 17. V "/ ID : 6 39 14 st Te : 14 85 ID A pidgin is a creole that has native speakers. : 40 er Parisian French became the standard dialect in France because it is easier to speak than some o f the other dialects. ID : ad er ID lo lo ad st wn 6 Te Do 39 cD ~/'T 1.>,//1: 14 ad V T /' lo Test ID: 4085 (1) 40 85 I t..,..../ wn According to the American philosopher Charles Peirce, informed hunches result from metaphorical reasoning. Do wn 14. : er Do T (.J L akoff and Johnson have suggested that conceptual metaphors have little effect on how most people, besides literary scholars, see the world . W' T ~ A calque is a borrowing o f a word or phrase that maintains the original phonology as much as possible. Down load er ID: 1439 6 ~~,/'/T ID : 40 85 oa wn l Do 6 st 39 Te 14 Downloader ID: 14396 5 : F ID 2~ 408 er ",--,' Tes t ID: ad T 5 Anthropologist Desmond Morris discovered that the meaning o f a large number o f gestures was consistent across many different cultures in Europe. lo 2V t ID: 408 wn // Tes Do .0 CV de r 2b David McNeill has suggested that vocal utterances and gestures form two distinct and separate language systems. During a conversation about the history o f gardening, a man points at a set o f particularly well-grown roses. This could be classified as a deictic gesture. Oxdia @ 4085 Test ID: This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Downl oader ID: 14396 Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. 2 Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. Test ID: 4085 ...
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