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ANT253H1_11SUMMER2_522 - 414 4 t ID Do wn Te st lo ad er ID...

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Unformatted text preview: 414 4 t ID: Do wn Te st lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 Tes ID June 23 rd 2011 : 41 44 A NT 253 H1F Language and Society: Test 2 .. . STUDENTID# I G IVEN N AME Test ID: 4144 ~ -....- ___ - - -I'~- Test ID: --. 4144 Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 I F AMILY N AME ID : 41 44 st Te TOTAL: 6 39 14 1 9125 : ID er ad lo wn Do Te st : ID All o f the following questions are based on the material covered in chapters 5, 8, a nd 11 o fthe course textbook. Clearly indicate whether each statement is true or false by circling your answer in ink. Good luck! 44 41 V [email protected] / 3:.® ­ The utterances "We had a bittersweet moment," " It was a delicious victory," "That was a meaty lecture," and "Our relationship went sour that night" can be considered instantiations o f a conceptual metaphor, Events are food. F Synecdoche is a form o f metonymy where a part stands in for the whole, like in the expression, "All hands on deck!" 6 3.e!) 39 / t ID: 6 er ID: 1439 load Down 14 Te st ID : Creoles are not dialects, but new hybrid languages with their own rules and structures. . F 41 44 F 4 414 Dow nlo wn er ade ad lo [email protected] r ID: ID : 14 143 6 96 George Lakoffand Mark Johnson's landmark book, Metaphors We Live By, argued that abstract concepts are metaphorical extensions o f concrete ones. ® Specialized technical terms that are not commonly known and are often associated with a profession, like contusion, meaning bruise, are examples o f slang. 44 : 41 ID st Te 6 : ad ID : 14 er lo wn 41 Do 44 44 st ID Te st [email protected] 41 39 : ID Te 44 ~T / Do wn lo ad 39 F er Do ID : Tes A recent study o f white, male professors at the University o f Toronto revealed that professors whose written course materials exhibited, on average, a higher number o f words per sentence tended t oreceive lower course evaluations than their less wordy colleagues. F The study o f gestures reveals that, rather than j ust replacing or reinforcing words, the use o f gesture discloses how profound metaphorical thinking is to human communication. 1439 6 14 3 : j?,;® 96 Te st Down load er ID: ID : 41 F Dow nlo ade ID r ID: 143 96 6 96 143 If, in English, it can be demonstrated that there are more source domains for the concept o f ? arrow than for the concept o f surprise, this would suggest that monolingual speakers o f English have fewer ways to talk and think about surprise than about sorrow. Do wn lo ad er ID : 14 39 6 I wn lo ad er ID }[email protected] {*!!.T ) € Te st ID : 41 44 der ID: 14396 J12.(fj de r 39 14 F Do Downloa oa : r ID: ade ID wn l er nlo ad J9(!) The following sentence contains both a linguistic metaphor and an honorific: Lieutenant O'Malley h ad a brilliant plan. Dow lo wn ® Do Do { .8.T F : 14 39 6 I f one speaker cannot understand another, it necessarily means there is an absence o f mutual intelligibility and they are therefore speakers o f different languages. ­ The following passage contains both a toponym and a root metaphor: I d on't f ind Profossor Lake's tests particularly challenging. I fyou memorize his lecture slides a [email protected]!!rgit~ the information, y ou'll g et an A. Downloader ID: 14396 The Roman general Publius Cornelius Scipio earned the right to add the name "Africanus" to original name after defeating Hannibal at the final battle o f t he Second Punic War. "Africanus" is to help example o f an llgnom~n . shared by the uploader thus an you in your studies. Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com the end o f his This item is It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. .... Dow nlo ade r ID: 143 96 Test ID: 4144 ANT 253 H1F Language and Society: Test 2 June 23 rd 2011 6 39 : ID 14 er ad lo wn Do CV 41 The fact that some people do not walk under ladders is a cultural reification o f the expre~sion, "an accident waiting to happen." . c ) lovf:, sy"lbl i SC(~fl(e : ID J-f.~T @ 44 Teen slang is a kind o f accent. st 13. T Te J 6 er ID: Down 1439 load I / l S.T ® National languages are artificiallangu~s created to standardize communication within the borders o f particular nations. - ) 16.T ~ When slang terms make their way into the mainstream, they are technically considered jarg~n. 96 143 r ID: Dow 17~F 41 44 )12.: T 0 j 20.T @ oader ID: 14396 39 6 Downl When scientists talk about the sensory perception o f things that cannot be seen with the naked eye (like 'waves' o f radiation), they are not being metaphorical because such things can be seen with the help o f special technologies. 14 st ID: 14396 ad Do wn lo The Straits Salish language, which currently has about twenty speakers, can be considered a lingua franca o f modern North America. (j) 4144 Test ID: In an imaginary language, the word for the English verb "to daydream" is !jrausil among women, but !jrausinal among girls. This is an example o f a gender-coded doublet. Te st ID : 41 44 41 44 / 21. T Te er st ID : 41 44 ID : Te Americans who speak "r-Iess" varieties o f English are better educated than those who don't. Downl oader ade Test ID: 4144 C!) J 1 8. T nlo The invention o f Esperanto was a great success as it is still spoken today, more than a century after its development, thereby fulfilling its original purpose. ID : ¥ . . profess.t 01\ Downloader ID: 14396 41 : J22.~ F 44 : ID st Te 14 3 96 Te st ID In our society, i t's acceptable to greet a group o f acquaintances consisting o f both men and women with the expression, "Hey, you guys!" This is because maleness tends to be unmarked in the English language while femaleness tends to be marked. /~. T <i) Dow nlo ade de r ID : Loanwords are words that one language "borrows" directly from another. I f a language has· many loanwords, it is considered a pidgin. r ID: oa 143 96 [email protected] Do wn l L ily' . e o f editing an old geography textbook that routinely r,efers to places called "th ark C ontinent' "the New World," and "the Orient." Because these nicknames reinforce certain perspectives at the expense o f others, she decides to replace them with the formal names o fthe locations they refer to (e.g. Africa, the Americas, Asia). This can be considered an instance oflinguistic activism. ~o~ c.1A~ I A (uC.e . ~ " -) .- 0 ~ ~ 2S.(!)F Sam asks Omar, "What time is it?" Omar responds by pointing to a clock. This is an example o fa deictic gesticulant. Test Do wn lo ad ID Te st ID : 41 44 ID: 4144 er : 14 39 6 Oxdia @ http://www.oxdia.com Down load er ID: 1439 6 This item is shared by the uploader to help you in your studies. It is copyrighted by the creator (copyright owner) of the content. Dow nlo ade r ID: 143 96 Distribution is prohibited without permission from the copyright owner. Solution (if any) is NOT audited, so use at your discretion. 2 - ...II1II ...
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