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    1. Explain how to conduct an external strategic- management audit?. n effective approach for conducting an external strategic-management audit consists of four basic steps: (1) select key variables, (2) select key sources of information, (3) use forecasting tools and techniques, (4) construct an EFE Matrix.   2. What are the mine Forces to Gather competitive intelligence?. Social. Cultural. Demographic. Environmental. Governmental. Legal. Technological. 3. What are the Sources of Information to do External Audit?. Internet. Libraries. Suppliers. Distributors. Salespersons. Customers. Competition. 4. Identify a recent economic, social, political, or technological trend that significantly affects financial institutions?.   Economic/ Interest rates remain low. Social/ Many states are passing no smoking ordinances. Political/ Eastern European countries are experiencing political instability. Technological/ Use of the Internet is doubling every 100 days.
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5. Identify the Orascom Telecom (OT) or any company to the business you wrote vision & mission. What are the Key variables?.   6. Discuss the following statement: Major opportunities and threats usually result from an interaction among key environmental trends rather than from a single external event or factor?.   This statement is accurate. It reveals how complex the external audit part of strategy formulation can be. There are an infinite number of interactions among key external factors. 7. Use Porter’s five-forces model to evaluate competitiveness within the Gaza banking industry?. Porter identifies five competitive forces that determine the intensity of competition in an industry and the total value of profits created in a particular industry. The five forces are 1) new entrants, 2) substitute products or services, 3) bargaining power of suppliers, 4) bargaining power of buyers, and 5) rivalry among existing firms. A key to selecting appropriate generic strategies is to analyze these competitive forces in terms of trends, opportunities, and threats facing the firm. Ask your students to apply an analysis of these forces to the banking industry.   8. What major forecasting techniques would you use to identify:  and Why are these techniques most appropriate?.
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120090021-3 - 1. Explain how to conduct an external...

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