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MISP2-MMU-TMI3411-WRY Page 1 of 10 Date Due: Fri 24 Nov 2006 Course: Multimedia Information Strategic Planning (MISP) Course Code: TMI3411 Multimedia University, Cyberjaya, Trimester 2, Session 2006/2007. ANSWERS MISP2 – ASSIGNMENT NO. 2 MISP2-A2Q1 – Convergence & Strategic Uses of IS/IT (ShaValaNewSex) A2Q1.1 – Provide at least 3 examples of the application of convergent technologies in a typical domestic living environment. Be as creative as you can. ANSWER Let us see where my imagination and creativity brings me into and whether it is worth and deserving of turning into a Hollywood or Crazywood movie. Ha ha ha. 1. My intention is to have a voice-activated “Intelligent Control System” for my house. I will put hidden sound receptors and speakers in the walls of my house that connect to a central control computer system. The system will be “trained” to recognize my voice. With it I can command the system to turn on/off the house’s audio-video system, or the lights, the air-conditioning, the doors, the toilets, the taps and showers in the baths, the microwave oven, the kitchen stove, etc. The “walls” will respond to my commands by the appropriate replies. I will speak to my “walls” to dial up and speak with a friend (like through a telephone) at any time and anywhere in the world. The convergent technologies here are: audio my voice + wireless communications speak through the air + voice recognition software + computer electronic control signals + home appliances control turning on/off etc. 2. Another wish is to have a fully automated residence with “feature recognition” also using an Intelligent Control System. The door gates will open automatically when it recognizes the combination of my car and its driver. The front porch lights will turn on automatically if it is dark, and the “speaking walls” will greet the alighting passengers with well wishes like “Assalamualaikum. May the Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon You. Welcome to my abode” The hidden video cameras will scan the visitors (their physical features) and conduct authentication for passage into the residence. And the residence main door will open automatically, i.e. only to authenticated and approved persons. If some of the visitors are not recognized, the “walls” will speak politely and request for identification. The door will only open after every person has been approved. The columns of the porch have “infra-red” sensors to scan for body temperature profiles. If the person’s physical features do not match its pre-recorded body temperature profiles, then authentication failed. The video feature recognition system will also scan for a person’s normal “postures, body gaits, movements, styles of walking, swinging of hands, etc” against pre-recorded data. Authentication is considered passed if it meets at least 80% of the movement scan matches. Etc, etc. 3.
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MISP2-Assignment-02-Answers - MISP2-MMU-TMI3411-WRY Page 1...

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