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Module 5, DB3 RE: Choose a performance management method (i.e. Critical Incident, MBO, BOS, etc.) and use the Internet to locate the website of a company which has recently introduced a new performance management system. Then, assess from the information the drivers that were making the change necessary for the company, the steps and rationale of the system, implementation steps they utilized, and their results. Be sure to provide any URL's you used as a reference source for your answer. Many companies have sought to improve the way the evaluate performance. This performance can be in the form of sales performance or employee evaluating. I have chosen employee performance. Employee performance is the drive most companies are leaning to because of customer service. Customer service will make or break a company in this economy. In this economy it takes low prices, quality products, and customer service. One type of employee performance system is the web-based employee and talent system.
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