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VERSION A PRACTICE COMBUSTION REACTIONS 1. Taxol is a remarkable new weapon in the war against cancer. Isolated from the bark of the Pacific Yew, it has been shown to be highly effective against refractive ovarian and breast cancers. Due to the extremely low concentrations of it found in nature, a great deal of effort has gone into alternative ways of obtaining it. The Taxol nucleus has the molecular formula C 32 H 40 O 11 .
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Unformatted text preview: If a 115 mg sample of Taxol were subjected to combustion, calculate both the amount of carbon dioxide and water (in mg) expected. 2. AZT and AZT-like analogs are promising drugs for the treatment of AIDS; One such analog has an empirical formula of C 2 H 3 NO. If 1.057 g of this compound were subjected to combustion analysis, calculate (in grams) the amount of CO 2 and H 2 O one would expect to obtain....
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