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Unformatted text preview: Page 1 of 11 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO CHEMISTRY 6A SYLLABUS Winter 2010 General Chemistry I General Information: Instructor : Dr. Carl Hoeger Office : York Hall 4030 Phone : 858-534-6434 e-mail : [email protected] ( NOTE: When sending e-mail, please put 6A somewhere in subject line ) Office Hours : Walk-In : All Courses : Mon, Wed, Fri 9-11:00 PM; Mon and Wed 2-3 PM; TTh 10-11:30AM. Appointment Only : Fridays 11-1 PM (other times as needed) “On-Line” (electronic mail) : M-Th 9:30-10:30 PM; Su 7-8 PM; e-mail answered before midnight AOL Instant Messenger : Name : profcah ; I am on-line in the evening and on and off during the weekend and nights. Podcasts : http://podcast.ucsd.edu/ Get the RSS feed and let iTunes download it for you. Webpage has more links. This can be obtained as either a video or audio podcast. On-Line Homework System (ALEKS) : Go to www.aleks.com once you have been given access information; this information will be sent via email or found on WebCT. More on first day of class. This is a different system than used in 6A WEB PAGE and Discussion Forum : Go to webct.ucsd.edu for the official course web page; YOU MUST HAVE ACCESS TO WEBCT FOR THIS CLASS! Access codes and the like will be found on Web CT TIME: Lecture : 8-8:50 MWF in York 2722; please be prompt . Discussion Sections : as per your schedule COURSE OBJECTIVES: First quarter of science-majors general chemistry sequence. Coverage: Chapters “0” through 5; this includes fundamentals, atomic structure, basic and advanced bonding and some material science. CLASS FORMAT: Lecture and discussion section. TEXT AND REQUIRED SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS : 1) CHEMICAL PRINCIPLES: The Quest For Insight (4th Ed.) by Peter Atkins and Loretta Jones. Exam material will be out of both this book and the notes. Study guide/Answer book are available and recommended. 2) Supplementary Materials will be posted on the course Web page; YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL MATERIALS PLACED THERE FOR CHEM 6A/HOEGER. See Web for more info. 3) Spiral Bound Problem Notebook : You will do all TEXT-BASED homework problems into this notebook . You must bring it to every discussion section (see Notebook Policy page). ELECTRONIC Homework is done on-line. 4) Calculator : An inexpensive NON-GRAPHING, NON-PROGRAMMABLE scientific calculator is required. It must be able to do logarithms, scientific notation and basic arithmetic. A TI-30 or equivalent is recommended. If your calculator can enter letters and/or words you will not be allowed to use it!! (See Calculator Policy ) 5) Two-Way Remote Answering Unit : Called a “ RAD ” (or ”clicker”) this will be used in the classroom to get instant polling, quizzing, etc data. Get it new or used at the bookstore. Get the H-ITT model. See Grading Policies....
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6A%20Syllabus%20W10 - Page 1 of 11 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA...

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