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Balancing%20Redox%20Reactions - 2 O 6 Multiply if needed...

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BALANCING REDOX REACTIONS 1. Identify what is being oxidized and what is reduced by looking at the oxidation numbers of the species in the reaction. 2. Write the two half-reactions, balancing all elements except hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O). 3. Determine how many electrons are lost (oxidation) or gained (reduction) by each species and add them to the appropriate side of the reaction. 4. Balance the overall charge of each side of the half-reactions. Acid: Use H+ to balance the charges Base: Use OH- to balance the charges 5. Balance the hydrogens and oxygens with H
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Unformatted text preview: 2 O. 6. Multiply, if needed, one or both half-reactions by an integer so that each half-reaction is gaining or losing the same amount of electrons. 7. Add up half-reaction and cancel identical species (the electrons MUST cancel) to yield overall reaction formula. 8. Check that the overall reaction is balanced in both number of atoms and overall charge. Page 1 of 1 Balancing Redox Reactions 10/1/2009 file://C:\Documents and Settings\Tina\My Documents\Chem 6C\Summer II 2007\Home Page\HTML\Supp. .....
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