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English 102-brittany jhu(1) - Brittany Jhu English 102...

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Brittany Jhu English 102 Bethany Wong [W 9:00-9:50] 31, January 2012 A Heaven Out of Hell When have you ever seen yourself through someone else’s eyes? Aphra Behn specifically titles the novel “Oroonoko” rather than “Caesar the royal slave.” Behn, the author and narrative, literally creates a mutual relationship with Oroonoko to define who “the other” represents. The use of geography allows Behn to compare and contrasts Surinam with Coramantien, displaying two different cultures. The comparison to other cultures allows Behn to indicate Oroonoko’s traits, qualities, and status as different from her own. The second way Behn compares the good and evil power of Oroonoko versus his opponents is through the relationship she pursues with him to create her work. Behn objectifies Oroonoko in the eye of an artist analyzing an art work. In order to marginalize groups through a human experience in “Oroonoko”, Aphra Behn identifies two separate cultures through the geography and through relationships to emphasize the reality of objectifying “the other.” Oroonoko mediates between the two worlds of Surinam and Coramantien. Behn describes Surinam as a pure Eden that makes the reader view England as impure. The
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English 102-brittany jhu(1) - Brittany Jhu English 102...

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