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History 17B HW#3

History 17B HW#3 - and departed out of the United States...

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Skylar Pascal Perm #: 3032745 HW Assignment #3 During this time period, you begin to see many changes in regards to the idea of freedom. This all started with the acquisition of a common school. These common schools would be tax-supported state schools that would be open to all children. The hope was that universal public education could restore equality to a fractured society by bringing the children of all classes together in a common learning experience and equipping the less fortunate to advance in the social state (pg 438). The common school movement created the first real career opportunity for women. You then began to see many changes regarding slavery. It first started with colonization. It promoted the gradual abolition of slavery and the settlement of black American in Africa (pg 439). However, many people didn’t like this because they didn’t like the idea of being treated like ‘aliens’
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Unformatted text preview: and departed out of the United States. Abolitionist helped to popularize the concept that personal freedom derived not from the ownership of productive property such as land but from ownership of one’s self and the ability to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor (pg 444). Abolitionist used printing as one of their main sources to spread their ideas of freedom. They used literature to describe all the suffering they had obtained as being slaves to show how slavery contradicted the nation’s idea of freedom. Through this movement, you also saw women demand a lot more in regards to social class and equality. They also demanded the right to participate in the market revolution (pg 456). Through the abolitionist movement, it is very clear that the definition of freedom changed in many different aspects....
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