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Brittany Jhu Religious Studies 111b Vesna Wallace 31, January 2012 -tibetan spiritual dominance -Mongolian political change to how everything is done in Tibet -tibetan change became predominant, authoritative and even holy in Mongolia -Tibetan figures more dominant than Mongolian figures -mongol monks added to Tibetan Buddhism -tibetan language dominated Mongolian monastic life and secular life -mongols never came to fully understand Tibetan Buddhism -mongolian used for teaching “translating” in monastaries
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Unformatted text preview: -manchu political control-first diffusion of Buddhism in Mongolia purely political -developed as part of village communities not state-shamanism is what the state adhered to-manchu approach to Buddhism is to encourage and control-encourage spread of Buddhism in Mongolia but also to strengthen Manchu military-manchus encouraged mongols to be monks-gelukpa dominant Buddhism-second diffusion of Buddhism in Mongolia-mongolia in a state of disintegration-modern intellecuals...
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