February 23 transue notes

February 23 transue notes - Transue’s Notes I Development...

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Unformatted text preview: February 23, 2011 Transue’s Notes I. Development/ Embryology a. Stages of Development (humans) a.i. Fertilization a.ii. Cleavage a.iii. Blastulation a.iv. Gastrulation a.v. Organogenesis a.v.1. Neurulation a.v.2. Other systems a.vi. Childhood: infancy, toddler, primary school a.vii. Adolescence/ puberty a.viii. Adulthod: maturity a.ix. Senescence: post maturity/ aging (going to deal with this group the most!) b. What controls Development? (as time allows) b.i. Cytoplasmic substances b.ii. Induction NOT ON EXAM 1!! Development is one of the most current areas in biology. You will not find notes upstairs!! Take as good of notes as you can. Our goal for the next 2 lectures is to talk about developmental embryology. In terms of animals, we do basically the same thing. EVOLUTION Everything we do in biology comes from an evolutionary point of view. What are the two things you think about when you wake up? Survive and Sex. We’re focusing on the outcomes of reproduction. Adaptations are things that allow us to do better at survival and reproduction. Which one is you and which is a sea urchin? (at same point in development). We look the same…at that point in development; we look exactly like a sea urchin. 2 weeks ago, you looked like a ball. You go through rapid changes in a limited amount of time. **Link you can click on and should print out!! Dr. Gregg Transue Office: 214 ARC 732-445-2594 [email protected] Weekly Review Session Wednesdays 3-4:30 PM Busch MSLC Bio Room (starting next week) *If you want to get an A on the exam 2, you should be able to teach me some of the development stuff. Skim the chapter of the book, but you do not need to read it!! What’s going to be in the exam is what we learn in class. Exam questions come from lecture or other stuff he tells us....
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February 23 transue notes - Transue’s Notes I Development...

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