March 7 Transue lecture

March 7 Transue lecture - I. Musculoskeletal System A....

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I. Musculoskeletal System A. Muscle Action B. Skeletal Muscles 1. Anatomy 2. Contraction 3. Control of Contractions 4. Whole muscle action CW- frog gastrulation/ neurulation: All the structures from the nervous system is derived from ectoderm. Tude that we form from the neural crest that breaks off from the outer layer. ii. Other organ systems: Use/ know: Table 50-1; pg. 1089 Figure 17-1, page 370 Ectoderm gives rise to nervous system and skin Endoderm gives rise to the lining of your digestive tract and basics of your respiratory system Everything else is from the mesoderm. Most of the bulk of our body are coming from the mesoderm 1. By 4 weeks: - Heart starts to beat - Limb buds appear - Like Fig. 50-16 pg. 1094. 4-5 mm long at 4 weeks. - Early on about 4 weeks, the buds are starting to circulate. Circulatory system is coming into play. As the embryo gets bigger, post anal tail becomes smaller (known as coccyx in guys now). The basis for all your organ systems are here at 4 weeks, from now on you’re just going to get bigger. A lot of people find out they are pregnant around this time (4 weeks). If you get an ultrasound done now, you’re not going to see any external genitalia. Start to form around 10 th week of development. Apoptosis: 6 weeks. - You can see the eye and different parts of the brain. Can see bilaterlal symmetry and limbs are somewhat developed. Apoptosis is an important part of our development. Programmed cell death (cells die on purpose. The tissue in between your fingers have to die. Many babies are born with webbed fingers. Normal part of cell process for cells to die. Know Table 50-2. Page 1092. Parturition. *Do timeline for uterus. Draw the stages anatomically. If you can draw it out and check with your notes, the test will be easy. Normal process for delivery for a human is about 15 hours (from first contractions to actually coming out). One of the easiest things to mess up in a baby is its nervous system (by eating the wrong kinds of foods).
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To Muscle - Your muscle’s job is to accelerate a mass We think about the entire muscle, but the action that accelerates the mass happens in the subcellular level * A. Muscle Action a. Muscles only contract - Muscles can only contract. It can only make itself shorter.
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March 7 Transue lecture - I. Musculoskeletal System A....

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