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NST 10 Spring 2011 S.E. Fleming, Professor Study Questions: Nutrition and Pregnancy Be able to define, and know the importance of, the following words and phrases: Colostrum Fetal alcohol syndrome First trimester Gestational diabetes Lactation Large for gestational age Macrocytic anemia Neural tube defect Post-partum Pregnancy Pre-term baby Prolactin Second trimester Small for gestational age Teratogenic Third trimester Zygote 1. Why is there an emphasis placed on adequacy of folate nutriture at the time of conception? 2. What is meant by a teratogen? Provide one example. Why should their intakes be avoided prior to and during pregnancy? 3. What is “gestational diabetes”? What causes it?
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Unformatted text preview: What is the potential impact on the fetus? Infant? Person in later life? 4. What is meant by a “trimester”? How do they differ? 5. Distinguish the causes and consequences of a small-for-gestational age infant and a large-for-gestational age infant. 6. Should the diet of a woman differ from the pre-pregnant to pregnant state? If so, what differences should there be? 7. How might dietary recommendations differ for a non-vegetarian and a vegetarian? Are vegetarian women more at risk of nutritional deficiencies during pregnancy than before pregnancy? 8. Why should a woman not attempt to “diet” during pregnancy? Page 1 of 1...
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