Lab_7_Solubility_Spontaneity_Rubric-3 - Lab 7 Solubility...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab 7 Solubility and Spontaneity Grading Rubric Abstract (4 points): _____ 1 pt The overall goal is stated correctly, succinctly, and in the students own words. Stay big picture, this should be short! (what is the end goal of the lab?) ____ 1 pt The general approach to the experiment is described. What chemistry concepts are being demonstrated or practiced (include the purpose of different temperature ranges) _____ 2 pts The important results are summarized. Again keep this to a few sentences its just a highlight of the main finding. Introduction (6 points): _____ 1 pt What experiment is being performed? (keep it brief, this should just talk about the overall theory behind the experiment, general approach, include brief description of titration reaction) _____ 2 pts Why is the experiment being performed? Why is this important to know about? _____ 1 pt What will the data show? (How does the data lead to the end goal?) _____ 2 pts The section describes the theoretical basis by which the method is suitable for attaining the goals of the experiment. (Why is this an appropriate experiment for the question you are answering) (Be very clear to relate the titration to all the relevant molecules in the experiment Describe how molarity of...
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Lab_7_Solubility_Spontaneity_Rubric-3 - Lab 7 Solubility...

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