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29+9-2 - SAY/8&7 Mot"\jS Chemistry P Lecture Notes...

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Unformatted text preview: SAY/8&7 Mot "\jS Chemistry P Lecture Notes for September 29, 2010 4m, Warm Up: What is the name/formula for... 1. Fb(504l2 2, Sodium Carbonate 3, Strontium Hypophosphite Answers: 1. Lead(IV) Sulfate 2. Nazcog 3. Sr3(P02)2 I. Network Covalent a. Example: Diamond and Graphite b. Both are carbon compounds but have different network covalent structures. c. Diamond has a 30 network covalent, which gives diamond its hard and sturdy characteristic. cl. Graphite has a 2D network covalent, and layers of graphite are stacked on top of each other. i. When we write with graphite (pencil lead) the layers of graphite are ”slipped of H onto the paper. El. Metallic Bonding. What hoid's metals together? a. in metallic bonding the metal holds their valence electrons very loosely allowing electrons to move from atom to atom. i. This characteristic is why metals and conduct electricity. Ell. Chemical Reactions a. Chemical reactions is the formula that tells you where each atom was before and after a reaction takes place i. Example Zn + 02 -> ZnO ZZn + 02$ ZZNO b. Reactions have to be balanced to be useful, which means you have to have the same number of elements on each side of the arrow. c. Note: If you want to measure things on a macro scale level, you cannot just use equal grams because different atoms have different weights. The same rule applies to volume. IV. Moles a. A mole of anything is 6.022 x 1023 of these things b. A mole officially defined as the number of atoms in 12g of 12C i. They picked this because so that the grams would be close to mass number of the most common isotope of the element. V. Atomic Mass a. The atomic mass ofan element tells us the mass of 1 mole of that eiement in grams. i. This is based on the percent abundance of the isotope on earth. ...
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