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K Γ∆ Pre-Health Sorority SPRING 2011 RUSHEE APPLICATION Please submit an electronic copy by Thursday, Jan. 27 th to [email protected] , and turn in a hard copy by Friday, Jan. 28 th to Pledge Moms (Rosanna Galzote, Faith Genove). NAME: _______________________________________________________________________ YEAR: __________ (INTENDED) MAJOR: ________________________________________ LOCAL ADDRESS: ____________________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER: ___________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS: _______________________ HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT KAPPA GAMMA DELTA? FUN FACTS: CURRENT CLASSES: Hobbies: Class: Units: Favorite movie:
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Unformatted text preview: Class: Units: Favorite music artist: Class: Units: Last book you read for fun: Class: Units: PERSONAL STATEMENTS: Please limit responses to one page total. 1. What are your career goals? 2. Why are you interested in a career in health? 3. What major commitments will you be involved with this semester? 4. Why do you want to join Kappa Gamma Delta? 5. Our sorority is based upon “Service to Humanity,” sisterhood, and professionalism. What do these three terms mean to you, and how would you contribute to them if you become part of the sorority? UC Berkeley | Epsilon Chapter...
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