LP 4 Fat and Heart Disease Jeopardy

LP 4 Fat and Heart Disease Jeopardy - Dietary Sources...

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Dietary      Sources Fat Facts Molecules Physiology Short Answer Name two qualities fats add to food How many Kcal/day have been added to the US diet since 1970? (Men/women) Describe the structure of a triglyceride (generally) Draw a Polyunsaturated fat Draw a cis fatty acid Draw a saturated fat molecule Name two common omega-6 FA & sources What are good dietary sources of omega 3  fats? What is a major physiological effect of a diet high in Trans-fat? Explain how Phosphoglycerides act as  emulsifiers Name a food high in cholesterol Name 3 foods High in soluble fiber Describe the Structure of a micelle Which fatty acids are partially digested in the stomach and why? Draw a lipoprotein Describe the formation of a Chylomicron in the enterocyte Name at least two other purposes For lipids in the body besides Energy storage Why are linoleic and Alpha- linolenic acids Considered “essential” Fatty acids? How many molecules of acetyl-CoA would an 18 carbon Fatty acid produce? If it’s so unhealthy to be overweight or obese Why do you think we are Able to store an unlimited Amount of fat? Diets high in these 3 diet components Have been linked to heart disease What BMI is Overweight? What Is Obese? Name at lest 2 reasons The traditional Mediterranean diet May be associated With less heart disease Americans have reduced their red meat, whole milk & butter consumption since 1970.What sources of fat displaced these? Draw an Omega-3 fatty acid
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walnuts, flax Linoleic (corn and safflower) Arachidonic (meat and fish) Texture Flavor Aroma More fruits and vegetables lower in animal products more wine More activity Less stress Moreomega-3 Men: 168 Women: 335 Overweight: >/=25 Obese: >/=30
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LP 4 Fat and Heart Disease Jeopardy - Dietary Sources...

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