4. UYGULAMA DERSÝ SORULARI_25.10.2010 -...

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SD_2010-2011/4 ISL233-M İ KRO İ KT İ SAT-UYGULAMA DERS İ -4 25.10.2010 19. Match the following descriptions of preferences to the indifference curve diagrams that follow. ___ Ann does not care whether she has more diet soft drinks or fewer diet soft drinks. ___ Peter is very picky about his buttered popcorn. He tops every quart of popped corn with exactly one quarter cup of melted butter. ___ Amy likes M&M's, plain and peanut. For Amy, the marginal rate of substitution between plain and peanut M&M's does not vary with the quantities of plain and peanut M&M's she consumes. ___ George dislikes broccoli and would be willing to pay something to not have to eat it. ___ Natalya likes rap and rock music. Natalya's preferences exhibit a diminishing marginal rate of substitution between the two types of music. ___ Matthew knows his limit. He likes beer up to a point, but if he drinks too much he gets sick.
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SD_2010-2011/4 20. An island economy produces only two goods, coconuts and pineapples. There are five people
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4. UYGULAMA DERSÝ SORULARI_25.10.2010 -...

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