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Name Matric No. Email Group Name Matric No. Email Group ANG ZHI XIN ELAINE U081710L [email protected] 1 ANG WEE KIAT U098458B [email protected] 5 FAITH CHIA ENCI U081394J [email protected] 1 EUNICE KHOO SIE NING U081450B [email protected] 5 HOR PUI CHEAN U081448X [email protected] 1 KWEK LOUIS U098549N [email protected] 5 KWAN TIAN EE TIMOTHY U081342E [email protected] 1 LAI YUTING U098714N [email protected] 5 NEW ZHENG MING U098817X [email protected] 1 LENNARD NEO JUN KEAT U098516R [email protected] 5 TAN XIANG YAN NORIKO U081696B [email protected] 1 LIM SI JIE U098594M [email protected] 5 VU KIM NGAN U097925Y [email protected] 1 CHEN PO NI U098399Y [email protected] 6 CHONG REN JIE U090273L [email protected] 2 CHONG HOUZHEN TRICIA U098201U [email protected] 6 CHRISTOPHER U096939X [email protected] 2 HSU MING JIE U098168A [email protected] 6 KELLYNN KHOR U098553R [email protected] 2 LI JUELEI U098640J [email protected] 6 MELISSA WIBOWO
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