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Year 1, Semester 1 Year 1, Semester 2 Year 2, Semester 1 Year 2, Semester 2 Year 3, Semester 1 Year 3, Semester 2 MNO 1001 Management and Organisation MKT 1003 Principles of Marketing ACC 1006/FNA1006 Accounting Information Systems BSP2001 Macro and International Economics Unrestricted Elective Module 3 BSP 3001 Business Policy and Strategy ACC 1002/FNA 1002 Financial Accounting (not FNA1002E nor FNA1002X) BSP 1005 Managerial Economics ES 2002 Business Communication ACC 2002/FNA 2002 Managerial Accounting BBA Specialisation Module 1 BBA Specialisation Module 4 BSP 1004 Legal Environment of Business ST 1131A Introduction to Statistics FIN 2004/FNA 2004 Finance BSP 2005 Asia Pacific Business, Ethics & Society BBA Specialisation Module 2 BBA Specialisation Module 5 DSC 2006 Operations Management DSC 2003 Management Science Unrestricted Elective Module 1 Unrestricted Elective Module 2 BBA Specialisation Module 3 BBA Specialisation Module 6 University-Level Requirement 1
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