Lesson Set 1 - CS 1136 Lab 1 Welcome to CS 1136! This...

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CS 1136 Lab 1 Welcome to CS 1136! This course is an ELearning-assisted course. The labs are available on eLearning on a weekly basis. Your instructor/TA will explain how this course will proceed. The instructions for ELearning that you will need for every lab assignment are as follows: Every student must have a NetID to submit lab assignments for this class. If you do not have a NetID, please visit https://netid.utdallas.edu/guam/faq?template=intro.vm for information on how to get yours. Note: It may take a couple of days for the NetID to begin working after you activate it. Please make sure you get your NetID early so you don’t miss any assignments. If you have any problems with ELearning, please see for assistance. ELearning 1. Logging in: a. Make sure to have your NetID and password. See bullets above if you do not have a NetID and password. b. Go to https://elearning.utdallas.edu/webct/entryPageIns.dowebct . c. Click Academic , then Log in to log in to ELearning ”. d. Enter your NetID and password. Note: ELearning ID is the same as your NetID. If you cannot log in, please try one more time and then call (972) 883-2911. e. Click on the course you are trying to access. (COMPUTER SCIENCE LABORATORY) That’s it! You are now ready to learn how to download the assignments. 2. Downloading assignments: Downloading a file involves transferring it from the web server hosting to your computer. (This continues after step 1.e. from above). a. Click on the “Lesson Sets” link. When there are available assignments for you to complete, you will be able to click on the link for the lab. Click on Lesson Set 1. (If it is not available, please let your instructor/TA know) . b. Each one of these labs will be attached to this page. To download the lab, click on the file name. c. Choose the option to “Save” when prompted. You can save it to your account by browsing to find the folder that has your NetID as the name (located in “My Computer”). d. You can now open the file you downloaded on your computer. 3. Submitting assignments: a. To upload completed assignments, click “ Assignments ”. The “Assignments” screen should appear.
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b. Click the hyperlinked name of the assignment you would like to submit. The “Assignment Information/Submit Assignment” page should appear. c.
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Lesson Set 1 - CS 1136 Lab 1 Welcome to CS 1136! This...

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