Lesson Set 2 - CS 1136 Lab 2 Part 1: Creating a simple...

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CS 1136 Lab 2 Part 1: Creating a simple program using Java IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO EVERY STEP FROM LAB1. THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP WAS LEARNING HOW TO WRITE A PROGRAM, SAVE IT TO THE HARD DRIVE, AND COMPILE IT. Exercise 1: 1. Load the program you have selected to create Java source code and create a new Java source file. Name the file “Lab2 _Ex1.java . Type in the following program. // CS1136 Lab 02 Exercise 1 // Type your name here public class Lab2_Ex1 { public static void main (String [] args) { int a = 25; int b = 10; System.out.println(" a is “ + a + “ and b is “ + b); System.exit(0); } } 2. Save the program in your directory on the hard drive. 3. Compile your program. 4. If there are any errors in your program code, correct them and recompile the program. 5. Execute your program. 6. Save your output. 7. Upload and submit your .java and output files to eLearning. Part 2: Introduction to Using Various Identifiers and Arithmetic Operators We name things such as variables, constants, and functions by giving them an identifier. A Java identifier is made up of letters, numbers and underscores but may not begin with a number. Remember that Java is case-sensitive, meaning that NUM is a different identifier than num or even Num .
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Let's examine the following Java program: 1. //Program Lunch calculates the number of calories in a 2. //cheese sandwich. 3.
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Lesson Set 2 - CS 1136 Lab 2 Part 1: Creating a simple...

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