Lesson Set 10 - CS 1136 Lab 10 Arrays A one dimensional...

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CS 1136 Lab 10 Arrays A one dimensional array is a data type in which a collection of places is given a name and the individual places are accessed by their position (index) within the collection. int [] numberList= new int[100]; In the above example, numberList is an array variable that contains the address of 100 integer variables. An individual integer variable within the array is accessed by giving the name of the array variable followed by its position (index). For example, numberList[0] accesses the first variable in the collection, and numberList[99] accesses the last variable in the collection. Note that the items in the collection are indexed from zero through the number in the collection minus 1. This is the reason why many programmers always begin for loops at zero. For example, the following code will assign zero to every variable in the array numberList. for (int index = 0; index < 100; index++) numberList[index] = 0; This technique can be used to initialize arrays at the beginning of the program; however, we can also initialize arrays like this: char [] charList = {‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’, ‘d’}; We can leave out the 4 in the brackets on the previous statement, since we are explicitly telling the compiler how many elements charList contains. This can only be done when the array is declared. Out-of-bounds errors
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Lesson Set 10 - CS 1136 Lab 10 Arrays A one dimensional...

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