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bio quiz 5 make up - Quiz 5 1 extracellular matrix's...

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Quiz 5: 1) extracellular matrix's polysaccharides : collagen :: pectin : __________ a. cellulose ; b. chitin; c. glucose; d. NAM 2) What is a biofilm? 3) Which of these is involved with signal amplification? 4) Put these steps of intracellular handling of signals in the right order, from the beginning to the end. 1) processing; 2) deactivation; 3) response; 4) reception Order: _ reception, processing, response, deactivation 5) Match the cell-cell junction on the left with its function on the right. (4 points) tight junctions – C. provide a waterproof barrier between cells Desmosomes - D.
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Involves interlocking proteins gap junctions - B. Allow animal cell communication Plasmodesmata - A . Allow plant cell communication 6) Put these steps of aerobic cellular respiration in the right order:
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