Capstone - due that day or a week from that day, I would...

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Running head: CAPSTONE 1 Capstone COM/220 November 30, 2011
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CAPSTONE 2 Capstone Now that I have completed my research paper for COM/220, the best advice that I could offer someone is even if you are the world’s worst procrastinator, you should really stay on top of your assignments. I know for me one week I would work, work, work to get all my assignments done so that I could have some relax time and that worked for a couple of days. I got a couple of days of relaxing and all was great until I had a family emergency and could not do my assignment at the last minute and it caused me a late penalty. If I would have worked on it instead of relaxing I would have had it done and not received a late penalty. If I was just starting this course, I would work on something every day whether it was
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Unformatted text preview: due that day or a week from that day, I would try and work on an assignment or at least a portion of an assignment every chance that I got. I dont think that there is any one thing that I would focus on more or less. I believe that every part of a persons education is very important there is no part of it that deserves any less or any more of your attention. I will say that as a student with a family, job, and schooling I can sometimes rush through things and not do my very best, but I do try, I think when it comes down to the final paper you should make sure you have plenty of time and that you really focus and listen to all the suggestions and tips made by your instructor and if you do this you should get a perfect grade on your final paper....
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Capstone - due that day or a week from that day, I would...

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