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PAM 3100 Syllabus

PAM 3100 Syllabus - PAM 3100 Multiple Regression Analysis...

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1 PAM 3100: Multiple Regression Analysis Fall 2010 Professor: Michael Lovenheim Email: [email protected] Office: 103 MVR Hall Phone: 255-0705 Lectures: M, W 2:55-4:10 Location: 280 MVR Hall Office Hours: M 11-12, W 1:30-2:30 TAs: James Cowan ( [email protected] ) Office: 451 Uris Hall Office Hours: TU 10:00-11:00, W 12:30-1:30 Section 1: TU 9:05-9:55 (MVR G71) and Nolan Kopkin ( [email protected] ) Office: 433 Uris Hall Office Hours: M 1:40-2:40, TU 11:30-12:30 Section 2: W 10:10-11:00 (MVR 280) Course Description This course introduces students to the study of modern econometric techniques, as employed in economics and policy analysis. We will study the basic linear regression model and learn how to estimate multivariate relationships in a data sample and test hypotheses about the underlying population. We then will consider situations in which linear regressions will yield biased estimates of the population parameters of interest, with particular attention paid to measurement error, selection on unobservables and omitted variables. The course will end with a brief introduction to instrumental variables and panel data techniques, which are important in empirical policy analysis. Throughout the course, we will discuss how these techniques can be used to conduct policy analysis as well as the potential problems and pitfalls with doing so. The course will cover both theoretical and practical issues, and problems sets will contain applications to real data and require the use of statistical software. Textbook Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, 4 th Edition, 2006. (Required). The 3 rd edition also is fine, and used copies are fine as well (you do not need the data code). Copies of this book have been placed on reserve at Mann Library if you do not wish to purchase it.
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2 Prerequisites Students enrolled in this course already must have taken either PAM 2100 (Introduction to Statistics) or AEM/ILRST 2100 (Introductory Statistics). If you have taken another introductory statistics class you want to use as a prerequisite, you must clear it with
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PAM 3100 Syllabus - PAM 3100 Multiple Regression Analysis...

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