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SYLLABUS Department of Technology and Built Environment Geodetic Reference Systems 7.5 credits Set by Board of Technology and Built Environment Date 2007-12-12 Valid from 2007-11-05 Course Name Geodetic Reference Systems Depth of study D Level Avancerad nivå Course code SB209D Higher education credits 7.5 credits Subject Area Geomatik Education Area Tekniska området Learning Outcomes After the course the student is expected to be able to: • perform calculations of spherical trigonometry applied on a spherical earth model and a celestial sphere • describe different time concepts of importance for geodesy • make conversions between, celestial coordinate systems: declination – right ascension, declination – hour angle and altitude – azimuth • describe the irregularities of the rotation of the Earth: precession, nutation and polar wander • perform calculations of positions, distances and directions on an ellipsoidal earth model
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