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SB251B_Physical geography

SB251B_Physical geography - Department of Technology and...

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SYLLABUS Department of Technology and Built Environment Physical geography 7.5 credits Set by Board of Technology and Built Environment Date 2007-05-30 Valid from 2007-08-27 Course Name Physical geography Depth of study B Level Grundnivå Course code SB251B Higher education credits 7.5 credits Subject Area Geografi Education Area Naturvetenskapliga området 80% Tekniska området 20% Learning Outcomes On completion of the course, the student will be able to: • describe geomorphological features and how they are linked to geomorphological processes • measure water velocities in a river and derive hydrological data • analyse maps and airphotos with respect to geomorphology • evaluate and summarise scientific literature and show the geomorphological implications to the surrounding society • produce a geomorphological map based on airphoto analysis. Content • Endogenic processes and landforms • Weathering and slope processes • Glaciology, glacial geomorphology, periglacial geomorphology
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