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AN 349 - 1 - b Houses look different Thatched roof north...

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Historic and Geographic Basis of China 9/2/10 1) China politically united only 50% of its history 2) Highest mountain: Himalayas 3) Yellow River – Brings fertility and disaster 4) Only 15% of China is arable 5) Gobi Desert, dry north 6) Tropical South 7) Main ethnicity: Han (92%) a) Many Muslims, Tibetans b) Most are on edges/borders 8) China biggest split is north and south (GEOGRAPHY) a) Yangtze river splits north and south
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Unformatted text preview: b) Houses look different. Thatched roof north. Tile in the south c) South richer b/c rice ex)Shanghai 9) North – Long slack season, South = no slack season 10) China can also be split East and West (ECONOMY) a) Economy is east-centered, west is very poor b) West is mountainous **1. China is very diverse **2. Water flows downhill – water transportation much cheaper by water...
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