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9/7/10 China’s Cultural Geography North South Pop Density Low High Diet Wheat Rice Climate Arid Wet Settlement Scattered Nucleated Kinship Small Lineage Large Lineages Wealth Less More Tenancy Less More *More tenancy in South because rich buy land in south. High gap in south regarding wealth. Water Flows Downhill Water transport easier Social and economic contact is much greater along waterways Watersheds define natural cultural regions o Note US regions o G William Skinner 1. first implication: Variation Across Regions Dialect Food Customs Ethnicity – “Kejia” Chinese version of hillbillies, mountainous habitat
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Unformatted text preview: Uniting Across Regions • Each region roughly a European country • Provinces show political divisions 2. Second Implication: Variations within regions • Even in villages, variation is great • Hills vs Valleys • Core vs Periphery • Uphill structure of “villages” in China • Poverty gradient moves uphill • Flow of resources to come; word, talent, soil Core Periphery Pop Density High Low Ethnic Variety Low High Wealth High Low Education High Low Products Rice/Wheat Charcoal, Ore Transport Easy Hard...
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