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9/16/10 Taiwanese Land Reform (KMT Run) o Wanted to get rid of Communist cells in Taiwan o Reasons why it worked: Japanese already did previous land reform for bookkeeping Eased the reform for KMT, knew who owned what Could buy off elite w/o alienating them Taiwan is small, so government could buy off land from landowners o Got money from the US Had monopolies over certain crops (sugar, rice, tea) o Allowed Taiwan to offer shares from companies to landlords Overwhelming military power China Immediately after the revolution (1949-1952) o “New People’s Democracy” forms
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Unformatted text preview: No landlords or compradors o Land Reform Gets party down to the village level o Marriage Reform Women were equal to men o Status Quo maintained in cities and modern sector Urbanization, develop heavy industry o Control Education and Media o More or less than half of the modern economy is nationalized (state-owned) • 1953-1956 o Go after national bourgeoisie capitalists o “Anti-Corruption” campaign o 1 st 5-year plan (Move towards centrally based economy rather than market economy)...
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