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9/23/10 Urban/Rural inequalities Bureaucratization o State is one entity, no balance or separation of powers o Successors? Where are the next generation of bureaucrats coming from? Socialist Education Campaign o Mao’s attempt to purge opposition 1966-76: Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution o Hai Rui theater play Was a loyal official to the emperor Gave some advice emperor didn’t want to hear, and was fired Implying Mao is the stupid emperor o Mao tells college students its ok to criticize superiors/officials Singles out high up officials as “capitalist” o Deng Xiao Ping Purged from party in 1967 Lenin/Stalin ideals o Red Guards (students) Split into many separate factions Who’s in charge? Destroying old art, libraries, changing street names Violent combat between separate factions Mao realizes students are too immature to carry out revolution o Turns to workers o Start purging Deng Xiao Ping, criticized, and other officials
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Unformatted text preview: o Workers want to overturn state (no state in ideal Communism) Mao says you can’t do that • By 1967-68, Mao needs to stop rampaging students and violence between factions o Revolutionary Committees 1. People’s Liberation Army 2. CCP 3. Mass organizations • Groups that were created to represent important groups o Ex) women’s federation, poor peasants association o Gang of Four – Brains of the revolution Promote food production (grow grain), don’t allow variation Soldiers arrest Gang of four in a “coup” • Put on public trial Mao dies around this time • 1979 – Reform Period o Responsibility System Contracts • Every family contracts with the commune and gives a share of crops • Instead of giving all crops to commune in previous system Greatly improved food supply...
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