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9/30/10 Reforms in Agriculture start around 1979 o Land has not been privatized, but has been divided to individual families w/ contracts with the farm unit o Gradual easing up on capitalism – more China had few foreign allies o Looked towards other small Asian countries as models to improve its economy Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore o All let foreigners in Foreign Economic Zones Only allow foreigners to invest in certain areas Completely different currency for foreigners o Wasn’t supposed to interact with Chinese currency Used to improve Chinese economy Could buy shares on stock exchange Equity vs. Growth o How to get a worker to work hard? Growth occurs when there is a reward system. Gives incentives. Deng Xiaoping: “Some people will get rich first” But you shouldn’t have a better life based on where you were born
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Unformatted text preview: Revolution is about equity , being fair to everyone Contradiction with growth Do we want Reds vs. Experts? o Reds are people who believe in good of all, communist o Experts are people with skills o Cant be both because if youre expert, youre going to higher education, no time for red Continuing Revolution vs. Bureaucracy o Maoist Phrase o Revolution Never become complacent, always need to stir society to prevent retreatment to old, counter-revolution o Bureaucracy Keep the Status Quo o Back and Forth (B) 1949-56 Consolidation, providing growth (R) 1957-69 Starvation, Great Leap Forward (B) 1960-65 Going back to 55-56 (R) 1966-1976 Cultural Revolution (urban movement) (B) 1976-now Reforms...
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