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AN 349 - 10 - Harmonious Society • Separate state and...

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10/5/10 What is the relationship between state and society? o Depends on time period o Society = State – Communist View Maoist vision – Everything owned by the state, including media. One voice. Society = state, everyone is an activist, no bystanders More responsibility placed on state to care for the people o No more exploitation, everyone has right to food, sleep, etc Totalitarian – “all one” Family – young took care of old b/c state couldn’t afford to Mao complains about Leaders vs. Led o Try to fix with great leap forward and the revolution Complete change after 1979 No longer need to be complete activist You can dress differently – no longer need to conform with all of society Hope to start economy by making consumer goods available to the people o Society vs. State – Western View We can’t live without states, or else anarchy But states are dangerous, must be kept under control US first experiment with democracy Purpose of social organizations is to keep states under control
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Unformatted text preview: Harmonious Society • Separate state and society, no antagonism • With the reforms, we have a state vs. society crisis o A real society needs its own institutions o In China, after 30 years of revolution, what were those institutions? Professional and hobby groups o Corporatism – How China deals with society “We’re going to allow independent social organizations, but we will limit them” • One organization per issue • Ex) only one representing dollmakers, women’s federation etc In exchange, don’t mess with me, work with me o Need feedback from people without US-style democracy Experiment with democracy at local village level • Have village committees with elections for positions Don’t make them too free, but give media a little freedom for positive feedback Hire polling Allow protests if under control Have tried plethora of ways to get people’s feedback short of democracy...
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