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11/9/2010 Civility Saying please indicates equality (right to say no) Traditional Etiquette o Not equality, strictly hierarchical o Ranked by age o Don’t say please or thank you to strangers b/c no relation Taiwan has moved very much towards American form of courtesy o Lesser government strictness actually made people more favorable towards courtesy o Self-policing of different etiquettes such as standing on the right side of the escalator Volunteering to help others o First Scenario: Neighbor breaks leg, go help them o Second scenario: Helping a complete stranger ex) helping victims of New Orleans o America has a culture of volunteering Fits because of American equality, “flat” universalist view of others o China: You have a duty to help your community, so helping closer people is important But NOT to the extent of the universality of the Americans, not complete strangers 2 Movements o 1. 1920s -People’s Republic campaign to make everyone “one body” with Mao as head
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