AN 349 - 18 - Religion • There are categories like...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/30/2010 Religion • There are categories like Buddhist, Daoists, or Christians, but majority are just in their own “box” • Going into a Chinese temple, seeing a young mother or father w/ little boy or girl squatting and sticking incense in kids hand and moving their hands o Teaching kid how to perform a ritual action o A way of showing respect rather than actually preaching beliefs • Most important things are the actions (ex: burning incense) o Showing respect is most important o Different from us, you don’t need to believe in it • It wasn’t really religion, it was life, it was what you did because you were Chinese • Teaches children values like filial piety • People also worship to get stuff o Less true of ancestors o Burn incense to gods – when you need something ex) big test, business venture, etc “Votive Requests” o Low level of institutionalism o Temples are owned by the community and the committees • There is no traditional word for religion in the Chinese language, a term imported from the west...
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AN 349 - 18 - Religion • There are categories like...

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