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AN 349 Midterm Study Guide

AN 349 Midterm Study Guide - AN 349 NOTES Exam Many short...

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AN 349 NOTES 10/19/2010 Exam: Many short answers (get full credit writing 2-3 sentences, or a little more), bullets 1 Essay – Choose from 2 UNGER ARTICLE Gov gives monopoly in exchange for favoritism – corporatism o Things not just creatures of the state o Lobby for their interest groups o Intermediaries between state and people, unlike cultural revolution o Feedback mechanism Big businesses are the ones pushing on gov’t, petty entrepreneurs aren’t well represented Why are big businesses the one who lobby? o If you’re the government, you worry and take big business more seriously Attitude towards bribery o It’s the little petty entrepreneurs that hate bribes, angry with it o Big guys think its just another cost of doing business Difference is that for the big, they are creating relationships with gov’t officials Little guys think the bribe is just a “get out of my face” style o Big guys cooperation give them more lobbying powers
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