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1 BIO 205L Substantial Writing Component Addendum to BIO 205L Class Syllabus FALL 2010 Instructor, Dr. A. William Allen Office: PAI 1.22G Office Hours: Monday 10:00 AM-1:00 PM Or by appointment Office phone: 471--2691 email: [email protected] Grading Policy for BIO 205 with Substantial Writing Component Registration in BIO 205L sections 48250 & 48255 contain a substantial writing component and fulfills part of the basic education requirement in writing. Students in these sections of BIO 205 will be spending considerably more time on extended written assignments than will students in the other sections. The grading scheme and emphasis will differ from the regular sections of BIO 205L. Refer to the general syllabus handed out in the first lecture for details on general class policies and a description of other components, besides formal reports, that will make up your final grade. Your grade in these sections will be determined by your performance on the following: Lab Activity Percent of Total Grade CPS-Lecture Scores 05% Mid-term Exam 15% Lab Practical Exam 15% Lab Performance 25% -Lab Entrance Quiz (05%) -Laboratory Technique (10%) -Data & Results (10%) Analysis 10% Formal Writing Assignments 30% Total 100% Letter grades will be awarded as follows: 93.0 to 100.0 = A 73.0 to 76.9 = C 90.0 to 92.9 = A- 70.0 to 72.9 = C- 87.0 to 89.9 = B+ 65.0 to 69.9 = D+ 83.0 to 86.9 = B 60.0 to 64.9 = D 80.0 to 82.9 = B- 55.0 to 59.0 = D- 77.0 to 79.9 = C+ 00.0 to 54.9 = F There is a regular departmental website for BIO 205: <> Login: Username: bio205L Password: 205L=cell In addition, the substantial writing components of BIO 205L has a BlackBoard web site where you can view specific announcements for this class and review your grades . If you see any errors, please inform me right away. 1. Login to BlackBoard at: 2. Enter your UT-EID and password 3. Select the course (2009_Fall_48250_BIO205L ) or (2009_Fall_48255_BIO205L ) .
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2 BIO 205L Fall 2010 SUMMARY COURSE SCHEDULE Date Lecture Lab Exercise Aug 30-Sept 3 Course Introduction Laboratory Safety Preparing Aqueous Solutions Introduction to Optical Microscopy Exercise 1 Basic equipment and supplies, Laboratory Safety, and Preparation of Aqueous Solutions Sept 6-Sept 10 Sept 6 th NO Lecture (Labor Day Holiday ) Exercise 2 Observing Cells by Light Microscopy Sept 13-Sept 17 Contrast and Techniques of Optical Microscopy Exercise 3 Techniques of Light Microscopy Sept 20- Sept 24 Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cell Structure, Growth, and Division, Cell Reproduction Exercise 4 Exponential Growth and Eukaryotic Cell Reproduction, Growth & Differentiation Sept 27-Oct 1 Isolation of Cellular Organelles Metabolic Reactions Exercise 5 Isolation of Cellular Organelles and Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Reactions Oct 4-Oct 8 Purification of Biological Molecules Principles of Chromatography Exercise 6 Separation of Biological Molecules by Chromatography
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BIO205L syllubus - BIO 205L Substantial Writing Component...

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