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8tya large animals disappeared, human population grew, more hunting, hunted to extinction, climatic change is also going on, but mostly human hunting. Population of smaller did not go down because humans hunted large animals because it’s more efficient. 10tya big drop in large animals in Madagascar because of human colonization. Modified (cultivated) species, but not made them in to a new species. 11tya agriculture began being domesticated . Animals began reproducing in confinement (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs). Thousands of years ago, cattle, chicken, sheep, etc in other side of the world, turkey was in the new world. We didn’t have those resources yet. Plants: North America (Guatemala/Central America) = corn, South America =potato, tomato, and Tabaco; Middle East=wheat, barley, oats, and rye.
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Unformatted text preview: Asia=rice, citrus. Plants were modified a lot more than animals as a result of domestication. Human evolution How do we know the extent that we are related to other species? Fossil, but mostly from molecular data, DNA. Fragment DNA--Single stranded DNA from one species, single stranded DNA from another species, test it and the extent of which the fragments pair. Humans and chimpanzees=1.2% of difference. The more similar we are to another specie, the more recent the common ancestor. DNA is clockwise; species become more different (divergent) as time progresses. Almost like genetic drift over time. Amino acid sequence in shared proteins is another way to rest relatedness. Hemoglobin changes. Phylogenetic tree: 60mya earliest primate evolution is not predictive...
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