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Amount of energy in a trophic level declines from one level to the next (about 2/3 is lost is in respiratory heat) Agricultural ecosystem- cornfield in Ohio: What percent of the energy falling on the cornfield is captured during photosynthesis? Amount of energy captured by photosynthesis per unit area/per unit time is referred to as gross primary productivity , subtract the respiration, what is left over after the organism respires is net primary production , The more energy left over, the more growth you can have per unit area/per unit time Correlation between energy captured and plant growth, more energy captured per unit area/per unit time the more a plant can grow. How much energy is used in an ecosystem during the year per unit time/per meters squared How do ecosystems vary for one another? Fresh water has the highest productivity— productivity is
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Unformatted text preview: governed by water and nutrients Rain forest—a lot of energy captured, productive ecosystem Temperate deciduous forest—low productivity, (cooler areas) not photosynthesizing for a part of the year Deserts—very low energy, a lot of sun but have poor substrates, doesn’t hold water or minerals Ocean water—low productivity because of low nutrient level Tundra—few months of growth Animals are affected by productivity As precipitation goes up productivity goes up Photosynthesis is dependent on temperature, higher productivity with higher temperature Nutrient concentration, plants need minerals to grow Biomass is weight; it is an indirect measure of productivity Energy acquisition from animals Small animals eat more per unit weight because the have faster metabolism, and they use more calories per minute....
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