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Gross Primary Productivity = Amount of energy captured per unit area/per unit time Respiration- capturing energy but losing it in respiratory heat Net Primary Productivity- what is left over GPP-R=N They correlate; the productivity is driving the growth (more biomass-dry weight) Primary productivity varies from one region to another— water and nutrients ( temperature, long growing seasons, photosynthesis are factors) Per pound, cows eat less than squirrels Birds eating seeds, seeds vary in size and oil content, Cardinals- gets more energy from sunflower seeds than other seeds, Fox sparrow- doesn’t eat sunflower seed, but can eat marijuana seed Handling time- amount of time it take to open a seed and eat it Animals go to food that gives them the most calories per unit time Puma weight and prey weight- pumas are eating larger prey Certain amount of energy is expended in catching a pray, Maximize calories gained than calories spent in the chase
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Unformatted text preview: Forging in lizards, in relation to head length Head length is independent of body size? Head is indicative of body length, bigger bodies bigger head Bird forging for pray Available pray Selected pray (preference) Don’t get the smallest, don’t get the biggest, get one around the middle because the can process it faster (handling time) Hunger is also a factor in selection/preference What happens to the energy an organism takes in Allocates a certain amount of energy, Reproductive effort- percent of energy capture by photosynthesis that goes into reproduction In succession, seeds are much bigger at the climax than at earlier stages because seeds grow with maternal provision and can stay alive longer. Seeds can grow bigger in the shade of the plants created during succession. Survival under shade. Large seed is an adaptation to forest, need large seeds to survive....
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