November 9 - Lead pollution- produced byproduct of...

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Lead pollution- produced byproduct of automobile combustion, since 1920’s, high levels of lead detected in atmosphere, toxic when in high quantities, Whatever is put in the atmosphere does not stay in the source , dispersed globally, pollution is global We can go back and assessed the quality of the atmosphere for lead, sulfur compounds (also from combustion), nitrous oxide compounds (also from combustion), combustion is from automobiles and burning fossil fuels for energy, How can we know what was in the air 200+ years ago? In Greenland, over centuries there is a built up of ice, every year it snows and doesn’t completely melt, glaciers in Greenland are getting thicker and thicker, when you look at the annual (rings) layers under a microscope you find air bubbles, analyze the contents of the air of any year, you can see how global pollution is increasing, Consequences from all kinds of pollutants going into the atmosphere Gases and aerosol (fine particles of liquid) Pesticides are a concerned because very fine particles get into upper levels of the atmosphere, when high in the atmosphere they can travel very far distances between continents, DDT has had a huge affect on the biota (plants and animals) In the 60’s on the West Coast a lady wrote a book that the number of birds seems to have been declining, book proposed reasons why the birds were disappearing and that biological heritage was disappearing (book called: Silent Spring by Rachael Carson) Could there be a connection between DDT, food in the ecosystem, and the decline of birds? Relationship between eggshell thickness and bird, derivative of DDT (DDE)
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November 9 - Lead pollution- produced byproduct of...

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