November 11 - Pesticides like DDT are concentrated...

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Pesticides like DDT are concentrated primarily in fatty tissues, may end up in your brain or in other tissue, not good for you! Minerals (nutrients) don’t concentrate because of metabolic machinery that breaks it down. Global warming—greenhouse effect, retard greenhouse gas release into the atmosphere. Global temperature has gone up the most in the Arctic region (about 2C). Change in precipitation would affect southwest (its drier) US more than any place in the US. Change in global temperature will increase disease because a lot of diseases are indigenous to the tropics or subtropics (aka the are from there) and with these diseases would move farther north, so east US will first be impacted because it is warm and wet. As it gets wetter and warmer (mainly warmer), diseases move farther north. Vegetation, animals, and so forth that are associated with these diseases probably are not going to occurring in Arizona and New Mexico etc., so SW won’t be impacted as much. Shifting distributions from the past could predict what will happen in the future. 18tya was the height glaciation; plants that were originally up north were pushed farther south. Plants and animals here in Texas today aren’t the same as they were 18tya and climate
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November 11 - Pesticides like DDT are concentrated...

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