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BIO MISC NOTES - types of populations you have the parental...

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What usually happens when two species come together and hybridize? A hybrid swarm is a population of hybrids that has survived beyond the initial hybrid generation, with interbreeding between hybrid individuals and backcrossing with its parent types One possible outcome of hybridization is just the production of F1 hybrids (enviable or infertile, end of the line). Occasionally, we get a two species that are closely related and get a hybrid swarm , produce fertile hybrids and maybe get F2 or some backcrosses. When you go into these
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Unformatted text preview: types of populations, you have the parental species (two original species), just local populations, one here, and one there. Another possible outcome is hybrid zone . Contact between toucan species in South America: species evolving in geographical isolation gradually spread and made contact along a long front. Instead of small population of new species, you have the two species blending with each other. The farther you go, the more influence of the species....
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