CHEM syllabus - CH 301 Fall 2011 Principles of Chemistry I,...

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CH 301 2pm Ͳ 3pm MWF Fall 2011 Principles of Chemistry I, 50970 Instructor R. Quy 1 COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor: Dr. Richard Quy Office: WEL 3.234B Telephone: 471 Ͳ 8218 E Ͳ mail: [email protected] Class Time: MWF 2 pm Ͳ 3 pm in WEL 2.224 Teaching Assistant: Tom Barton E Ͳ mail: [email protected] Schedule of Weekly Office Hours and Help Sessions Official Course Text Steven S. Zumdahl, Chemical Principles (6 th edition e Ͳ book), Houghton Mifflin (2008). Since 2009 this company is now called Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning. We are using a customized eBook version of this text (ISBN: 9781111629342). It is available from two sources, and both of these locations will provide the eBook with an accompanying black and white loose Ͳ leaf version of the text: 1) Purchase directly from the publisher, Cengage, at their website: . Cengage offers free shipping. 2) Go to the University Coop Bookstore located at 2246 Guadalupe St. or to their website at Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri 9:00 Tom's office hrs. Quy Office Hrs. Cubicle B WEL 3.234 10:00 Tom's office hrs. Tom's office hrs. Cubicle B Cubicle B 11:00 Quy Office Hrs. WEL 3.234 12:00 Quy Office Hrs. WEL 3.234 1:00 2:00 CLASS CLASS CLASS WEL 2.224 WEL 2.224 WEL 2.224 3:00 4:00 Quy Help Session 5:00 Tom Help Session WEL 1.308 WCH 1.120 Exam weeks only 6:00 Weekly 7:00 Class Exam Time See schedule 8:00
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CH 301 2pm Ͳ 3pm MWF Fall 2011 Principles of Chemistry I, 50970 Instructor R. Quy 2 This is also the book for CH301. Frequent reference will be made to figures/data in this book. The e Ͳ book has extra features like short videos, pre and post chapter quizzes, and pop Ͳ up quizzes that you might like to try. The pre chapter test suggests which areas you need to study the most. If you choose to get a used hard cover book, the figures and text are the same but you won't get the online content. Course Description Chapters in this course and their general order of presentation are as follows: UNIT 1: Chapter 12 Atomic Theory UNIT 2: UNIT 3: Chapters 14.2 Ͳ 5 Molecular Orbital Theory, 5 Gases, 16.1 Ͳ 3 Liquids, Solids UNIT 4: This course discusses electronic structure of the atom and periodic trends, classical bonding, VSEPR and Lewis Dot structures, QM bonding, VB and MO theories, Intermolecular forces, gases, liquids, and solids. We finish with thermodynamics. Course Webpages Blackboard: You are expected to check this site regularly for any announcements or handouts. QUEST Homework Server: Homework will be given via the server. Grades for all assignments will also be stored there. Grading for the Course
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CHEM syllabus - CH 301 Fall 2011 Principles of Chemistry I,...

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