301 Exam 4 Review Sheet

301 Exam 4 Review Sheet - CH 301 50970 Exam 4 Study Sheet...

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1 CH 301 50970 Exam 4 Study Sheet Dr. Quy MWF 2:00 – 3:00 pm Chapter 16, sections 1-2, 10. Chapter 9, sections 1, 2, and 4–6. Chapter 10, sections 1-9. Liquids and Solids Know the main characteristics of solids, liquids, and gases: Compressibility, density, fluidity, shape. Know the meaning of condensed state. Define and describe each intermolecular force (IMF): Types: o London dispersion forces (instantaneous dipoles) o Permanent dipole-dipole forces Salts (gas phase) are highest (note effect of charge density, too) o Hydrogen bonding Only true for N-H, O-H, F-H Remember sandwich effect! Rank IMF from weakest to strongest; same order as above. Determine the strongest IMF for a given substance. Use IMF to make predictions about a substance’s chemical or physical properties. i.e., use IMF to explain boiling point and/or melting point trends. (Salts will be highest!) Define and describe surface tension: resistance of a liquid to an increase in its surface area. Define viscosity (resistance to flow.) Affected by IMF, particle size, temperature. Know phase changes by name (fusion, sublimation, evaporation, etc.) Distinguish between inter- and intra-molecular forces. Covalent and ionic bonds are stronger than IMF. Distinguish between adhesive forces (molecules with surfaces) and cohesive forces (between molecules.) Describe the process of dissolution. Describe a solution and its constituents. Use IMF to explain “like dissolves like”
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301 Exam 4 Review Sheet - CH 301 50970 Exam 4 Study Sheet...

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